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The world as it exist today stemmed from one Ancient god who is an eternal cell. This cell supplied all the needs of the god in an un-changing environment. The lights that emanated from this cell are the original pure brilliant rays.

 In a world unimaginable to human understanding the Ancient one divided himself to perform tasks when it was needed for service. All creation was created by him and attached to his rays that shone from his magnificent cell.

 The creations were given the essentials to perform in his cell. In some cases the free choice was manipulated and as a result evil took place that resulted in a war

 The Ancient one in his wisdom and humility established an elaborate redemption and judgement plan in order to restore his cell.

The Cell of the Gods takes the reader on a spiritual journey beyond the physical world as it is known, into a world that is only imaginable through metaphors. This book will stimulate the reader’s thinking and imagination with the possibilities of the beginning of time.

The Cell of the Gods explains the mystery of a god. It highlights the challenges the god encounters with his creations, namely the infiltration of evil into a world that was created for good.

The author brilliantly illustrates how the spiritual world was divided by evil and war. It explains what was required by the god to conquer evil, redeem his angels, and restore his cell.



A new book will be published soon named “Trail of Redemption.”  Below is a summary

For centuries Christian accepted every word written in the Holy Bible. The Bible is written over 1600 years by writers from every social status, including statesmen and peasants, kings, herdsmen, fishermen priest, tax-gathers, and tentmakers.

Most of the writers were unknown to each other, educated, uneducated, Jews, and Gentiles.

The “Trail of Redemptions” is a book that addresses an unexplainable period between Genesis 1:1 to 2. The author place emphasis on the darkness that appears in verse two after verse one that informs the reader of God’s  creation,

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.”

The Bible states that everything that God created is good. The question is, how did the darkness appear?

The author’s insight on this missing link does not affect the redemptive teaching that humanity requires for eternal life

The book takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the Holy Bible, connecting Patriarchs and Prophets from the Book of Genesis to the Gospels to share a unique perspective on the darkness.